Friday, April 24, 2009

Rahel's story

Rahel has been approved for adoption as a single child! Our Dossier is done and we're just waiting on our I600A to be processed and given a time for fingerprinting. As soon as Rahel's medical report is finished, we will receive a referral and she is ours to pursue!

I don't think I've told everyone Rahel's story, so here it is.

Rahel arrived at the orphanage shortly before we learned of her. Her Mother recently died and her older sister comes from a different father. Rahel's sister's Father decided to take the sister in, but could not take Rahel. Ethiopia rarely allows splitting a sibling pair, but since they were to be separated anyway, by choice of the sister's Father, the government allowed Rahel to be adopted as a single child. We would gladly take her sister, but since her Father wants her, we are very happy that she can be with Family.

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  1. Good luck... sounds like quite the process... but things will work out.