Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine Fun

These are the girls' valentines this year.  They're going to glue a Hershey's Kiss to the heart.
So fun!

My silly family (o:

Hee Hee

DIY Valentine Cupcake cloches

Here's a little diy for Valentine's Day.  I am in LOVE with ALL things where a cloche is involved.  Problem:  Cloches are costly and hard to find the size you want if you're thrifting.  Solution:  Plastic Dollar Store Wine Glasses and Marbles! 

Begin by cutting the stem off of the wine glass with a small saw.  Don't worry it's super easy because the glass is plastic.  Just make sure not to squeeze it too hard while sawing.  It will crack the glass - don't ask how many times it took me to figure that out.  Use hot glue to attach a cupcake liner lid to the top of the stem.  Flip the glass over (fits perfectly into the cupcake liner lid) and hot glue a clear glass marble into the hole left from removing the stem.  That's it!  A CUTE mini cupcake cloche for pennies!  A mini doily would also be cute on the plate under the cupcake.  Walmart sells great mini cupcakes that fit perfectly!