Monday, June 28, 2010

Faith's pre-school "gradulation" - as faith puts it :o)

P.S. on the new home thing

We found a house in Syracuse that better suits our family.  It has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, TONS of sunshine and a decent back yard with play gear for the kids.  It's out in the country and right next to the canal.  It is fenced in and full of the funniest goats I've ever encountered!  I am so glad to have the goats near by - I am dieing for goats!  Anyway, I noticed that the goat we were playing with had a very disfigured milk sack.  After feeding more goats, I discovered that one was missing a horn and I began to wonder if these goats were rescued and just as I was about to see if Thomas noticed, the cutest little 3-legged baby goat came running over to us!  How cool is that?  Not many people can boast misfit goats for neighbors (o:  They're so cute!  I guess the Davis county inmates used to do the upkeep on the canal weekly and were just recently replaced by the goats.

Silly pictures

Such an Angel
The Neighborhood dog pound (o:
Such a Ham!

Prayer and camping

Today during Faith's routine morning prayer, I heard her saying "Thank you that I'm blessful and thank you for my blessfulls."  So cute!  She helps Rahel with her morning prayers now and it's such a crack-up!
The girls have been dieing to go camping this summer and the weather has finally consented so I took them to D.I. and we found a tent for $6, a sleeping bag for $5, and the cutest little camping chairs for $2 and $3.  You can't beat camping for 16 bucks!  We got out the tiki torches to keep the bugs away and they camped in the front yard with the baby moniter - you know, so they could make their orders ALL night long!  Brother!  They actually stayed out there all night - impressive!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our new temporary home

We found a place in Kaysville and have decided to rent there for a year or so.  It's a twin town home with a rather large fenced in yard and a slide for the girls.  The yard is private (NOT shared) which is very nice for our family.  After owning for 5 years, we need some degree of independence.  It's right by the freeway (sniff) but really close to Thomas' work (yay!) so we can have tons of family time!  We'll be moving probably the weekend of the 4th of July.  Finally!  Hoorah!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Great news!

We have accepted an offer on our home and will be moving in about 2 weeks!  Hoorah!  Finally we can move closer to work and have more family time.  We think we'll rent for awhile to get to know the areas down there before we decide to buy a home again.  We're so excited!