Friday, December 31, 2010

Before and After play kitchen

Here's the before on our kid kitchen:
Take an old entertainment center and sand it on down

Primer is a must

Then use left over paint from their bedroom and voila!
With the help of your super talented husband, you should come up with something like this!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Play kitchen

Phew!  I finally have time to do a post on the play kitchen we made for the girls.  We are SO happy with how it turned out!

I used pancake mix and syrup containers for Orange Juice and Milk jugs.  I stuffed the syrup container with batting for the milk and used my cricut to cut out lettering and an orange tree.

Thomas worked his magic on this cute little iron

Look at this great little washing machine Thomas created!  Way too cute!

The ironing board folds up (o:

I found this little magnet board/cork board set for a dollar at HONKS.  Too cute! 
I got the phone from  The girls LOVE it!

I spray painted CD's for the burners and Thomas installed a light that turns on in the oven when you slide the oven knob.
The faucet is one I rescued from the old summer kitchen at our rock home in Mendon.  It worked perfectly!

We had to "make" the girls open other presents on Christmas morning.  It was like pulling teeth to get them to leave the kitchen alone for enough time to open another present!
Too funny!  I'm glad they like it.


I have recently injured my pelvis making it impossible to do much of anything without causing myself severe pain.  I thought I'd share my journal entry from yesterday.

I went grocery shopping with the money that the bishop gave us for Christmas and was unable to bend down to the lower shelves in the store.  I was overwhelmed with the kindness of others around me willing to help out with the smallest things.  One man bent down and went through the gallons of milk until he was satisfied that he found the one with the best date for us.  Another man reached down for a gallon of salsa for me.  Another lifted Rahel into the cart for me.  A woman got a chicken for me and put it in my cart.  Even a worker who was stocking the shelves reached spaghetti-o’s on the bottom shelf for me.  When it was time to load the groceries and kiddo’s into the car, I began to panic.  I wasn’t sure how to do this!  A woman 2 cars down walked up to me and asked if I needed any help with my groceries.  She kindly lifted both girls out of the cart and loaded the groceries from the bottom of the cart into the trunk of my car.  She even put the cart away for me.  She asked my name and offered to pray for my back.  What an Angel!  The Lord truly has been mindful of me today and served me through kind people all around me.  I was almost in tears with gratitude when I pulled into my driveway to find that it had been freshly shoveled and salted.  My cup is running over!  What a wonderful day despite the excruciating pain in my pelvis – it didn’t even seem to affect me.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Free Christmas: Medical kit

Here's a longer re-post.  I've posted as I've finished parts of the medical kit.  It is finally finished, so here it is again!

This is the medical bag.  It's made with duct tape and fabric - no sewing!

Here's the syringe Thomas made for them - so cute!

The blood pressure cuff with a corn starch-filled balloon.  Looks, feels and sounds like the real thing!

ENT scope - the picture doesn't show it, but Thomas made it so you can even see through it!

My Over-the-ear Stethoscope.  I used the stem of a huge Gerbera daisy.

Bandage tin made from a mint tin.

ENT head lamp.  This is made with elastic, a mini CD and lots of glitter.

Free Christmas: Checker pieces

This is sort of a re-post on the Checkerboard.  I finished the game pieces and thought I'd share.
I used floral glass drops and cut vinyl flowers on my cricuit.  The plain ones are "bubbles".

Free Christmas: Oven mit and "Spices"

I traced Faith's hand and made this oven mitt.....yeah.  It's sorta special. 
It's a good thing kids don't care if things aren't perfect!

This is cupcake "spice" 
This one is Hot Chocolate "spice"  I also made Pie "spice" - it has faux berries in it. 
I hot glued the lids on so the girls don't make a mess.

Free Christmas: Pillowcase nightgowns and sleep masks

Free Christmas: Felt pies

Free Christmas: Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Thomas cut these out of wood for me and rounded the edges with the sander.
I painted them a creamy color and washed a brown color over the top.  They turned out cute I thought!

Free Christmas: Muffins anyone?

These muffins are made of fuzzy socks and an old fleece baby blanket I still had hanging around.
They're wrapped in ribbon - way easy.
I "borrowed" these cherries from a garland on my Christmas tree.  It won't miss them (o:

Free Christmas: Felt food

A bag of chips

 This is a carrot I ripped off an old stuffed bunny - perfect guessed it...Free!
 ...and sauce (o: