Monday, December 6, 2010

Free Christmas: Medical kit

Here's a longer re-post.  I've posted as I've finished parts of the medical kit.  It is finally finished, so here it is again!

This is the medical bag.  It's made with duct tape and fabric - no sewing!

Here's the syringe Thomas made for them - so cute!

The blood pressure cuff with a corn starch-filled balloon.  Looks, feels and sounds like the real thing!

ENT scope - the picture doesn't show it, but Thomas made it so you can even see through it!

My Over-the-ear Stethoscope.  I used the stem of a huge Gerbera daisy.

Bandage tin made from a mint tin.

ENT head lamp.  This is made with elastic, a mini CD and lots of glitter.


  1. You AMAZE me - everything is so cute...your girls are going to be in HEAVEN:)

  2. Man Melanie! You are incredible! I look through all these things you've been making... I am so impressed! You are so so talented. What lucky girls!

  3. What great gifts! You are very creative!

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