Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine Fun

These are the girls' valentines this year.  They're going to glue a Hershey's Kiss to the heart.
So fun!

My silly family (o:

Hee Hee

DIY Valentine Cupcake cloches

Here's a little diy for Valentine's Day.  I am in LOVE with ALL things where a cloche is involved.  Problem:  Cloches are costly and hard to find the size you want if you're thrifting.  Solution:  Plastic Dollar Store Wine Glasses and Marbles! 

Begin by cutting the stem off of the wine glass with a small saw.  Don't worry it's super easy because the glass is plastic.  Just make sure not to squeeze it too hard while sawing.  It will crack the glass - don't ask how many times it took me to figure that out.  Use hot glue to attach a cupcake liner lid to the top of the stem.  Flip the glass over (fits perfectly into the cupcake liner lid) and hot glue a clear glass marble into the hole left from removing the stem.  That's it!  A CUTE mini cupcake cloche for pennies!  A mini doily would also be cute on the plate under the cupcake.  Walmart sells great mini cupcakes that fit perfectly!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Catching up

My cute little snow girls! 

...Bwahahaha!  The surprises I find in her hair each time I comb it is shocking!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Here's your laugh for the day


I forgot to bring the address of a sister that I visit teach when I went to bring her a loaf of bread so I randomly stopped at a house and knocked at the door hoping it was her.  Luckily her husband said I had the right place.  When she walked out, my stomach hit the floor.  This was not the same sister I had been visiting teaching.  I have been visiting an Asian lady who lives on the same street at the address I was given by the relief society.  Our visits were always awkward and she never invited me in.  I never could figure it out until now...  She had no idea who I was.  I don't even know if she is LDS.  She probably thinks I am some sort of psycho stalker.  I am mortified!  That poor woman!  I so want to apologize to her, yet I hope I never see her again, I am so embarrassed.  WOW.  As for the girl I am supposed to be visiting, I have been standing her up every time I call to arrange visits and end up showing up a few houses down the road at her poor unsuspecting neighbors house.
I was so flustered when the woman I am supposed to be teaching came to the door and I realized I had been visiting the wrong woman, I just left her with the loaf of bread, explained my blunder and drove off.  I wonder what she thinks of me.