Friday, August 19, 2011

Mommy's chore chart

I ALWAYS need a chore chart in order to stay motivated to do housework.  I really like the latest!  It's behind glass so I can use a dry-erase marker to mark off my "chores" and write in the events of the week.

If you want a word document of your own, just drop me an email!

Greatest recipe book EVER

Bloggers from all over have donated their favorite recipes to make this recipe book to benefit the American Red Cross!

I can't wait to order my copy!

Just click on the button below to order yours!  If you want more information, visit Little Birdie Secrets.

The Bean

Seriously?!?  Aaahhhh!
I have been camped out on KSL's classifieds for months looking for the perfect trailer.  One was sold out from under me minutes from my arrival to pick it up.  These teardrop trailers are SO hard to find!  Just as I was getting ready to make an offer on a 60's trailer, this one popped up and you guessed it!  I am the proud owner of my very own 1950's teardrop trailer!!!

Isn't she lovely?
My head is swimming with ideas for her!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Faith's Hair book free printable!

At Rahel's salon there is a photo book with braid styles she can choose from.  I thought it would be such a good idea for Faith to have one of her own.  In the morning, she can thumb through her hair book and choose a style.  How fun!

This would work better in a small album.  I didn't have one so I concocted my own - ahem...
Yes, those are paper clips bent into rings...  Don't ask.

We had a hair styling party in the living room and did every style mommy knew how to while the girls watched movies.  We had so much fun putting this book together!

Here's the picture I created for the cover of the book.  You are more than welcome to copy it and print it for your own!  I printed mine as a 4x6.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Faith's 6th birthday!

Faith's "camping" party (o:

We went on a scavenger hunt after eating dinner

Nothing but lovely sweetness!

After doing the scavenger hunt and feeding ducks on the pond, we headed in to open presents.
We discovered all kinds of treasures!  This is Faith with a baby praying mantis

The night ended with shadow puppet shows on the side of the tent. We all had such a good time. By the end of the "show" we were all cracking up (o: The party ended with a bang (the sprinklers turned on for us)!

Here's our S'mores cake - Faith wanted a giant S'more for her birthday!  I made a graham cracker crust and put icecream in a layer and chocolate texas sheet cake in a layer then graham crackers.  It actually turned out and was yummy too!

Motivational punch cards

We're all punch cards around here lately.  Do you find that something motivates your children but only works for so long?  We have to change up our chore charts etc. periodically.  Here's our latest: