Saturday, February 28, 2009

Here is Faith's tribute to "Great-Gran" and her new book!

Salt Lake Tribune

The Salt Lake Tribune put in an article on "Sacred Hymns of the Book of Mormon." Grandma and Marilyn were interviewed and Mom let me know the article was published. The link to the actual article and pictures is here: (Grandma, Maurine Ozment, is the one with white hair)

St. George women partner to write hymnal
The Associated Press
Posted: 02/27/2009 06:00:00 PM MST

St. George » A trio of St. George women have paired their creative talents with their love of the LDS Church to write a book of hymns.
Writer Marilyn Arnold, musician Maurine Ozment and Lisa Farr teamed up to write 32 hymns based on stories from the Book of Mormon, the central text used by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
"We hope it will get people into the Book of Mormon in a new way," Arnold said, adding that the idea for the project came to her "out of the clear blue."
Writing the words and music for Sacred Hymns of the Book of Mormon took nearly a year and half. Arnold wrote the lyrics, Ozment composed the music and Farr compiled Ozment's handwritten notes into a computer program in preparation for publishing.
Arnold and Ozment are no strangers to creative work. Arnold is a retired English professor who has written novels and other books, some with Mormon religious themes. A professional musician, Ozment has written numerous songs, including some found in the church's Children's Song Book .
The women say the project was an inspirational and introspective experience.
"I felt very close to those people [in the Book of Mormon] as I was writing, especially Nephi," Ozment said. "It was a wonderful journey."
The book was not endorsed or published by the LDS Church, but the women said they've given copies to church leaders and to Mack Wilberg, director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. They say they hope to someday hear their hymns sung during church services, but don't care if they make any money from the endeavor. The songbook can be purchased in most Latter-day Saint bookstores.
"We just want people to love the music," Arnold said.

Homestudy and Doctor visits

Today was our home study home visit. It went very well as did our doctor appointments yesterday. We both passed with flying colors! Our doctors are very supportive and excited for us. Now we just wait... Next week we will have a picture and a name for all of you! We can't wait! We're so greatful for this chance to find out who our new daughter will be and do what it takes to bring her home to us.

Sam and Esther

This video will change your life. It changed ours. Don't watch unless you're ready for a good cry! I hope it will touch you like it touched us.

You may have to turn off the playlist music to hear this video.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Melanie and Faith went to St. George for a couple of weeks to visit Grammie and Great-Gran. We had so much fun! Grammie and Melanie went repelling at Red Cliffs and Faith definitely enjoyed the swimming! Grandpa is almost finished with Melanie's guitar and Melanie even tried her hand at luthiering (is that a word?). She is making a Mongolian Horse Head fiddle - Igil. It looks horrible! Grandpa is MUCH better. We also picked up 3 little finches while there. They are so cute! We love their singing.
Our application was accepted and we are on to the next step on our adoption journey! Thank you to everyone who supplied us with good resources and references. It has been VERY helpful! Don't forget to learn this week's phrase in Amharic!