Sunday, April 12, 2009


Nothing lets you know you're on the right track like Satan throwing fiery darts at you from every direction. Our faith has been tried and we're certainly being forced to rely on the spirit to get us through this adoption. The Lord has guided our every footstep along the way and now to reiterate the fact that this is what's right for our family, Satan is throwing a tantrum and has found yet another one of my weaknesses. This is usually how it happens for me. I guess I'm special that way. yay! When something is very important and very right and has the possibility of being very wonderful and very influential for good, Satan runs rampant trying every option available to him to stop what's good. In doing so, he has given away the secret - this must be REALLY important for us to go through with!

The Lord is very present in our life right now. The more we turn to him, the more He turns to us. I am thankful for his never ending patience, forgiveness and love. He has not left us alone to be taken down. The only power Satan has over us is what we have given him and the minute we decided to take that power away, the spirit of the Lord swims through our home, our heads and our hearts. Our family is a very special unit that must threaten the adversary heavily. Rahel is most definitely meant to be a part of our family and we welcome her with open arms!

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