Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More music

The Christmas CD is finally moving forward again. I think this last stint of writers block has finally passed! Scooby snacks for me (: I finished an arrangement yesterday, and am very close to finishing two more - hopefully by next week. I can't wait for you all to hear them and give me input. I can't seem to figure out how to get my files to work on blogger so I'll have to give an informal concert to let you all come and give your ideas. I have arranged a lullaby for Faith and Rahel and decided it would work perfect for the CD! How many tracks does a CD usually have? Is 9 too many? Some are short though - is 9 enough?

  • Cammie - I need your voice (:
  • Michael - I need your voice too (:
  • Jen - Would you accompany a flute piece for me?
  • Cierra - What do you think about helping plan the concert?
  • Krecia - I need your ooher and aahhher (:
  • Ryan - Percussion....again? (:
  • Melissa - What do you think about giving a short story or a clip from our Christmas musical on the CD?
  • Shalon - Voice........please?
  • Dad - Guitar. Twice.
  • Keston - Guitar?
  • Lori, Jo, Shanon - you guessed it! - dance of the reed pipes?
  • Sheila - Your voice rocks! Would you record?
  • Does anyone play the tin whistle well?

Thanks for all of your help this far. This should be fun - we'll see! Leave your answers in a comment or give me a call. Thanks! - Melanie

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  1. I think 10 is a good number, so 9 is close enough. I'm excited to hear them all.