Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ear infection

The past few weeks I have felt an urgency to bring Rahel home. I don't know the reason for these feelings. This morning I woke up with even more anxiety over Rahel. The impression of urgency is stronger than ever. I hate not being with her to know how she is and what's going on. All I can do is pray and guess and pray about my guesses. The spirit is still telling me that something is up and I'm still guessing. I talked to Thomas and found that he has felt the same urgency for the last day or two. Now we're both trying to figure this out.
After much prayer, I decided to check my e-mail even though it is Saturday, and to my grief, we received an updated medical report for Rahel. It looks like she had pneumonia again and now suffers chronic otitis media as a result. It's hard to know if the infection is bacterial or viral when it is at this stage and without medication and a simple surgery (that would be nothing here in the states), she is in danger of a lot of problems. Her hearing is already failing and we're worried that it may spread and cause damage/paralysis etc. if not treated. We need to get her home.
We ask for your prayers for Rahel and that our adoption will be expedited. The Lord will answer our prayers.

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  1. That is so sad... I hope things will progress in her adoption, and that she will be okay. Good luck with everything.