Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ethiopia in the Valley

Thomas and I were shopping for a music box at D.I. (I've been taking them apart and making cute boxes for them), and our checker just happened to be from ET! How crazy is that? We got her name and number, and we're going to get together soon. She was most excited to meet us and be involved in ANY way! She is so homesick for Ethiopia. We are going to see if we can hire her to give us lessons in Amharic and how to cook Ethiopian. She is such a sweet girl. She was excited to learn that our daughter's name is Rahel - she has a cousin named Rahel. We're so grateful for the chance to have met someone who lives here in Cache Valley that will be a wonderful friend - this will be so good for Rahel (: I guess there are a number of people and families from Ethiopia here in the valley. - Small world

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