Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rahel's first day of preschool and other random pics

Rahel on her first day of preschool!  She was SOOOO excited!

I walked in on this after setting up for guitar lessons and picking up the house getting ready for my students to arrive.  She was ready to go!  So cute!

My cutie in her pajamas and sleep mask she got for Christmas.  I couldn't resist snapping a pic! 

I was changing out my wreath and found feathers all over the house.  This is what I tracked down!  What a scream!

Faith's inventions

Faith has ALWAYS pawed her way through the garbage finding little "treasures" to build things out of. It grosses me out, so I have been saving containers and things to clean out and put in a box for Faith to use. That way she stays out of the icky garbage. Well, this is what she came up with this week (o:


Bath boat with oars and everything!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

St. George, some history and a miscarriage

As some of you may know, I found out I was pregnant in December and miscarried a few weeks ago.  I needed to spend some time resting and decided to spend it in St. George with my Grandmother and my Mom.  Grandma took me to the temple the first morning and we did sealings as daughters to parents.  It was such a positive and uplifting experience.  Our sealer was so personal and insightful.  Gran took me to lunch afterward and we toured the Brigham Young home in down town St. George.  It was so beautiful!  I do love history and architecture.  How fun to see his home.  In the living room, there was a square grand piano.  I don't remember ever seeing one - it is SO beautiful!  You should google image square grand pianos.  They are beautiful.  If you ever have the chance, I would highly recommend visiting the Brigham Young home in St. George.  Also, do some sealings in the St. George temple.  It is just magical upstairs.  Such a good experience.

Gran and I had some good times.  One of the days we toured the Jacob Hamblin home also.  We stayed up late at night talking and she offered me some amazing support and stories.  I love you Gran! 

It was so warm there (62 deg.) I didn't want to go home!  Thomas took me to the Beehive house in Salt Lake on Monday for a date.  Wow.  I really like the St. George one so much better!  How fun to see so much history.  I so missed my girls!  It was so good to see them after our date.  They make me so happy!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Prince Fairy Boy

Last night we had a Family night and when we were done, Faith and Rahel played fairy princess. Faith came out in her complete princess garb to the living room where Thomas and I were talking and deemed Thomas the "prince fairy boy" and handed him a snowflake wand! Our girls are so fun! Thomas spent the rest of the evening searching for his manhood (o:

I often find the girls praying together.  What a heart melter!  My girls are SO sweet and thoughtful.  Faith wants to build a lemonade stand so she can help raise money to bring Kidist home.  What a sweetheart!
I just wanted to give a thank you to my sweet girls today who make my life so much brighter.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Adoption news: Sweet Kidist

This year I've decided to love a little more, study the scriptures a little deeper, attend the temple and expand my family.  We've felt very strongly that it is now time to bring Kidist home.  We are sure that the financial end of things will not be a block in our path to Kidist.  We have come up with methods of raising the funds and are confident that the Lord will take care of us. 

Sweet Kidist,

Ever since we met you, you have taken a part of our hearts.  Though we can't speak to one another, you have truly left an impression on us.  Your sweet smile and the look in your eyes tells me what a wonderful, kind and sweet person you are.  Those who know you have nothing but good to say about you.  The tender way you interact with Rahel melts my heart.  I know this won't be an easy journey for you, but I am sure that the Lord is involved and will make up our differences.  Language will be difficult for you to learn and leaving your friends will break your heart.  We can promise you love and security.  You will be looked up to and ADORED by your two little sisters (they already adore you!) and you will never run out of love from your new parents.  My heart feels like there is a yarn attatched that stretches all the way to you and it gets shorter every day pulling me closer to you.  You have been through so much in your short life.  More than many people go through in a lifetime.  You are a strong young woman and will touch the hearts of many people with your strength, your sweetness and your love.

I love you!