Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Prince Fairy Boy

Last night we had a Family night and when we were done, Faith and Rahel played fairy princess. Faith came out in her complete princess garb to the living room where Thomas and I were talking and deemed Thomas the "prince fairy boy" and handed him a snowflake wand! Our girls are so fun! Thomas spent the rest of the evening searching for his manhood (o:

I often find the girls praying together.  What a heart melter!  My girls are SO sweet and thoughtful.  Faith wants to build a lemonade stand so she can help raise money to bring Kidist home.  What a sweetheart!
I just wanted to give a thank you to my sweet girls today who make my life so much brighter.

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  1. Cute little girls. They are adorable! Such funny things they come up with. I sure your hubby enjoyed this!