Monday, January 3, 2011

Adoption news: Sweet Kidist

This year I've decided to love a little more, study the scriptures a little deeper, attend the temple and expand my family.  We've felt very strongly that it is now time to bring Kidist home.  We are sure that the financial end of things will not be a block in our path to Kidist.  We have come up with methods of raising the funds and are confident that the Lord will take care of us. 

Sweet Kidist,

Ever since we met you, you have taken a part of our hearts.  Though we can't speak to one another, you have truly left an impression on us.  Your sweet smile and the look in your eyes tells me what a wonderful, kind and sweet person you are.  Those who know you have nothing but good to say about you.  The tender way you interact with Rahel melts my heart.  I know this won't be an easy journey for you, but I am sure that the Lord is involved and will make up our differences.  Language will be difficult for you to learn and leaving your friends will break your heart.  We can promise you love and security.  You will be looked up to and ADORED by your two little sisters (they already adore you!) and you will never run out of love from your new parents.  My heart feels like there is a yarn attatched that stretches all the way to you and it gets shorter every day pulling me closer to you.  You have been through so much in your short life.  More than many people go through in a lifetime.  You are a strong young woman and will touch the hearts of many people with your strength, your sweetness and your love.

I love you!



  1. Melanie, This is the first I've been on your blog. I've read through it back to when you decided to adopt Rahel. You are amazing. What love you both have to give a wonderful little girl. I hope it works out that you can get Kidist very soon. How blessed she would be. Your Faith is such a cute little girl and totally reminds me of you as a child. You are smart to keep a record of the cute things the girls say. You are amazingly creative with the simplest things. I loved the kitchen and all that is in it. All the money you saved must make it well worth the time you spent. It was fun to see you camping with your family. Reminded me of girls' camp. You were always such a good camper and pitched in to help with everything. It's wonderful to see what a great mother and wife you have become. I always admired your faith and it seems appropriate you now have a daughter named Faith. Thanks for all the timely comments you have made on Christianne's blog. She really appreciates it!! Say "Hi" to your mom and dad. Please stay in touch. My email is

  2. Good Luck Melanie, and Tom
    if anyone can do it, it's you two. can't wait to see her.

  3. Congratulations! When is the adoption going to happen. I know that international adoptions are a great waiting game. Will this go faster because a connection has been made already?