Tuesday, January 18, 2011

St. George, some history and a miscarriage

As some of you may know, I found out I was pregnant in December and miscarried a few weeks ago.  I needed to spend some time resting and decided to spend it in St. George with my Grandmother and my Mom.  Grandma took me to the temple the first morning and we did sealings as daughters to parents.  It was such a positive and uplifting experience.  Our sealer was so personal and insightful.  Gran took me to lunch afterward and we toured the Brigham Young home in down town St. George.  It was so beautiful!  I do love history and architecture.  How fun to see his home.  In the living room, there was a square grand piano.  I don't remember ever seeing one - it is SO beautiful!  You should google image square grand pianos.  They are beautiful.  If you ever have the chance, I would highly recommend visiting the Brigham Young home in St. George.  Also, do some sealings in the St. George temple.  It is just magical upstairs.  Such a good experience.

Gran and I had some good times.  One of the days we toured the Jacob Hamblin home also.  We stayed up late at night talking and she offered me some amazing support and stories.  I love you Gran! 

It was so warm there (62 deg.) I didn't want to go home!  Thomas took me to the Beehive house in Salt Lake on Monday for a date.  Wow.  I really like the St. George one so much better!  How fun to see so much history.  I so missed my girls!  It was so good to see them after our date.  They make me so happy!


  1. Sorry to hear about the miscarriage. Also sorry to hear that you were about 5 minutes from my house and I didn't get to see you, maybe next time. Get feeling better.

  2. oh mel, i'm so sorry!! I'm glad you had a nice relaxing time with your grandma. My grandma always makes things better too. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. So sorry for you miscarriage. When I was teaching in St. George, I never went to the Brigham Young house.
    I did want to see it though.