Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving guest soaps

I found the cutest idea at for Thanksgiving or fall gift ideas.  These will be perfect for the guests at Thanksgiving!

What you need: 
Plastic leaves (I got mine at Hobby lobby at 80% off)
Melt and pour soap (I used glycerin soap)
Essential or fragrance oils
Wax paper

I pealed the leaves off of the veins on their backs first.  After melting your soap and add desired fragrance or essential oils, use tweezers to dip leaves in soap (careful - it's hot!) and lay leaves on wax paper to cool.
Once the soap has hardened, they're ready to package!

Just wash your hands and throw the leaf away!
I love having the leaf in the soap because it helps clean the dirt off my girls' hands better.

She also has the CUTEST Thanksgiving conversation coasters at her etsy shop!

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  1. You are way too creative!!! I love seeing all the new things you make! I am so impressed!