Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Free Christmas: Hair clip holders

Free Christmas:  Hair clip holders

I got my inspiration for these from here:  http://www.theidearoom.net/2009/07/girls-barettes-and-hair-bow-holder.html  (Her project is much cuter than mine)  I believe she used an 11x14 frame.  I didn't have one on hand so I used 2 8x10 frames instead - I have lots of 8x10 frames for some reason.
These aren't very little-girly, but since they need to hang in my hallway, they need to match my decor. 

The flower in the middle was my first flower from my first dance (which was in college - how sad is that?) I pressed and framed it. It turned out cute!

Here's what I used.  Pretty simple to figure out!


  1. So cute - I love them! Now I just need to convince my boys to wear hair bows:)

  2. Oh, you are so creative... I just don't have that creativeness in me! So cute though!

  3. I totally remember that dance, so cute that you still have the flower. I love you Mel, you are so awesome. I just got to spend the weekend with Crystal and it brought back many memories of good ole Snow. In the next 5 five yrs we need to get together with everyone again. Cute craft. I love it.