Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Free Christmas: Medical kit - blood pressure cuff

Faith has always been interested in doctoring things and I've always wanted to get her a medical medical kits are expensive.  Today I thought about making a kit, but I was SURE the items wouldn't turn out.  Much to my delight, this little blood pressure cuff turned out really great!  I am SO happy with it!

I decided to use a cloth napkin I had hanging around for the cuff.  I measured my girls' arms and cut it out accordingly.  I sewed Velcro on the spots that fit my girls and then folded it in half.  I inserted a rope between the fabric and sewed it all shut. ( I have an AMAZING sewing machine passed down to me from my Great-Grandmother.  The thing sews through everything!)  I filled a balloon with corn starch and tied it to the end of the rope.  The balloon ended up just the right amount of "squishy" and I can't get it away from my husband's hands!  It's like a stress relieving ball.

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