Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas for FREE!!!!!!!!!

So, this year for Christmas, we are COMPLETELY broke.....Can I just tell you, I have REALLY had the time of my life coming up with Christmas for free!  What a scream!  I can't get enough of this - I am amazed at how easy it is to come up with really great gifts from things I already have around the house!  Thomas offered to spend a little money if I needed it, but I am having so much fun seeing if I can actually do it with NO money at all!  The trick is to stay away from the stores and the cute Christmas things that tempt me.

I will be posting all of our gifts as I crank them out.  Wish me luck!

I made these butterfly wands yesterday.  I got the idea from:
I used the Cricut Serenade cartridge to cut out 2 butterflies per wand.  I cut them out at 3" and scored them along the body of the butterfly so the wings would bend out a little.  You could even try curling the wings if you wanted to. 

Walmart sells dowels in packages that are under a dollar (o:  I had some on hand and glued a butterfly to the front and a butterfly to the back top with tacky glue.  I believe glue dots would work as well. 

If I couldn't find dowels, I would use strait sticks from our tree or anything I had around that would work for a wand. 

I painted designs on them with a small paintbrush and some glue.  Add a little glitter and voila!  Perfect fairy princess wands for FREE!

The picture doesn't do the glitter justice.  I have the SPARKLIEST glitter ever.....sigh.  Sparkles make my heart sing!

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