Friday, September 25, 2009


Today, as I lie in bed pondering the direction my life has taken, the doorbell rings. It's missionaries of another denomination.
I make goals and try to keep to them but lately seem to always fail. I have made the goal to study the scriptures daily a thousand times since I've been married but never seem to keep with it. I was religious about it when I was single. Anyway, I think the Lord had something to tell me today and since I wouldn't come to Him, He came to me. These 2 women shared a scripture with me from 2 Timothy. I was struck to the core. How would they know exactly what I needed to hear? Of course! The Lord knows and He certainly works in mysterious ways. I am so grateful to the 2 women who felt strongly enough about something to bring it to me. This not only taught me the lesson the Lord wanted me to learn, it also strengthened my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so glad that I didn't turn these wonderful ladies away. I often think of our missionaries and the excuses people give them to not hear what they have sacrificed to bring them.

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  1. That's wonderful, Melanie! I'm sorry you've been discouraged. I've been dying to call you or visit you for several days but I haven't been able to (my cell phone came to a comical end; fell on CARPET and snapped right in half!) Please call me :) Chrissy