Sunday, September 13, 2009

Faithy's eventful week

Today was Faith's primary program. She recited her line perfectly and during a quiet time, when speakers were changing, Faith stands up and shouts "Hi sister Thorne!" while waving her hands in the air. - I think she made Sister Thorne's day (: Thomas, on the other hand was pretty embarassed!

Last week in Sacrament meeting, Faith clearly stated in a loud voice "I can see that guy's butt!" referring to a small boy playing on the floor infront of us.

This week Faith decided it was time for her to perform her own haircut! I knew it was coming. Every kid does this right? Well at least most kids only cut off a chunk of their hair. Faith cut it all off.

To finish off our wonderful week of Faith's silliness, she and her friend were dancing on the car singing "Jump shake your boobies" - they got a little mixed up. I had to laugh. We set it straight and hopefully it will stick.

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