Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Court date

Our court date is October 6. We've been told that we will definitely pass this time. Yay! (I'm not sure I want to get my hopes up though). We got a new picture of Rahel in her traditional outfit - too cute! They just finished celebrating Ethiopian New Year. She is such a doll. We can't wait to meet her. We love her so much!
Faith started preschool for the year and already loves it! They are learning letters this year. Faith and I started piano lessons and she really likes it.
Thomas' grandma is in the hospital and is on her way out so we went down to say our goodbyes and decided to look at homes while we were down there. I'm not sure how I'm going to make living in the city work! A new challenge - bring it! Thomas finished the windows in our house and we now can focus on cleaning up our yard which looks more like the landfill than a yard right now (: I'll hate to leave beautiful Mendon but I know that the Lord has better plans for me. - He always does. My Mom just told me that we may not know our path, but the Lord does and He's got it covered. He won't just dump us. We'll be better off following in faith than holding onto what we love now.
p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! We love you!

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