Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thomas' musings

Day 2 - Tuesday Dec. 1, 2009

Tuesday was a pretty relaxed day. During Monday night, 2 more families arrived. We spent the day at Ritmo, enjoying the beginnings of the bonding process with Rahel. Rahel is a CHARACTER! She likes to tease (= She likes playing eye games and pretending she's asleep and popping up while cracking up. She really lit up when one of the new families brought one of Rahel's little friends from Little Ahope they're adopting. They had a blast together (=
There are a few things here that are distinctly different from home.
One is the call to prayer several times throughout the day. Ritmo is situated smack in the middle of 3 mosques. One of them has a wonderful voice, but the closest one to us sounds like he's in pain! It's awful! The easiest call to hear is the one at 5:00 in the morning that wakes everyone up. It gets kind of annoying.
Another difference is the smell. There are two competing smells - exhaust from cars and sewage. There are no emissions rules here obviously and even the little cars run on diesel - black smoke. Lots and lots of black exhaust. Also they burn their garbage - that's a charmer too. The exhaust can be suffocating at times. Every night when we blow our noses, the tissue is black. - nasty. The other smell, and definitely the most pervasive is the sewage. The septic systems here are designed to empty into the nearest open body of water. Often I think the sewage only makes it to the nearest stream or front door. The sewage smell is ever present and potent.
A third difference is the dogs. There are stray dogs everywhere. I'm used to hearing dogs bark all night at home - country living at it's best right? - but here it sounds like they are trying to kill and eat each other at night.

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