Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thomas' musings

To track our adventures in Ethiopia, Thomas has done a TON of journaling. Here it is...in order (=

Day 1 - Monday Nov. 30, 2009

Gayle, the AAI coordinator drove us to Little Ahope and led us to the nursery. When we walked into the room, the caretakers told Rahel "there's your mommy" and she just lit up! She went right to Melanie and gave her a big hug and lots of kisses. I'm so glad we were able to catch the moment on video. We spent an hour or 2 at Ahope feeding the infants and playing with Rahel and the other little kids there. They were so affectionate and lively. For lunch, we went to Messerett's (Elsa's brother) apartment where her other brothers Natan and Solomon also live. Messerett's wife is an AMAZING cook! I've never had such good injera - wow. Messerett is a Doctor at the University. He spent the weeks we were here giving lectures to educate the public about HIV. It happens to be HIV week while we're here too! Crazy. This family is so considerate and open-minded. Education is of vital importance to them and they are okay. They have a home and food. Natan is a pharmacist at a hospital here in Addis and Solomon is a Lawyer. Elsa, their sister is in Logan going to USU working on her degree.
Messeret walked us back to Ahope - at least an hour walk - I'm guessing it was quite a bit more. Walking back was a wonderful experience. We were really able to see the people of Addis Abebe. All of the little kiosks, and the differently dressed people. We weaved and dodged our way through the jumble of traffic. Traffic rules here are "He who honks first, goes first." We got back to Ahope at about 6 pm to pick up Rahel after barely surviving the walk past the slaughter yards. - Putrid!
We walked back to Ritmo guest house for the night.

What a doll!

LOTS of donkeys

Street kiosk where you buy your food etc.

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