Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Court has finally opened!

Court officially opened yesterday, October 12, 2009! Hooray! This sure has been a bumpy ride for us. October 6 was our 3rd court date that was missed. Hopefully we'll hit a winner this time. After some research online, I found out that other agencies already have issued new court dates for their families who "missed" court opening. I contacted our agency and was told that nothing was known. I'm ready to jump agencies. This is just silly. Thomas called a lady in Washington at our agency and found out that tomorrow is our agency's court date to acquire court dates for families. Come to find out, our name wasn't even on the list of families to get a court date for. We are breaking the bank and our hearts for this adoption and it seems that we are slipping through the cracks. - How gloomy. Happy thoughts are welcome ( : Prayers are also welcome.

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  1. Sweet Melanie,

    It seems that virtually every adoption is full of bumps and delays. There seems no logical reason for it, but remember that it is in the Lord's hands. Do all you can do for sure, but also realize that though you have little control over it, a very mighty God does. He will watch over your Rahel, and you will get her in His perfect timing. There will be a day where you will hardly ever think about how hard the wait was! Enjoy your time with just Faith, advocate your hearts out for Rahel, and know that she will be in your arms soon!!!!

    Love you!