Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween Skeleton fence

This would make a cute centerpiece with a haunted house in the middle or a huge pumpkin etc.

Home Depot gives paint stir sticks for free - I tried to pay but they wouldn't take my money. 
You'll need quite a 30.  I cut the bones out on my cricut and used black paper to add a shadow.  I reccomend using the cheapest $1 spray paint from Walmart.  It looks more rustic. 

The paint job doesn't need to be perfect because most of them will be covered with bones on one side.
My husband cut most of the sticks down for the cross bars of the fence.  We used wood glue to assemble the fence and actually added some hinges so that it could fold up and be used in multiple ways.

I'm linking up to A little Tipsy's DIY under $5 and Lil' Luna

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