Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our "new" sofa!

Problem:  Teeny living room
Solution:  Small Second hand couch from D.I.
Problem:  This couch is UGLY
Solution:  Killz paint

Walmart is getting rid of Killz brand, so we got the paint for a screaming deal!
First: Prime

Next: Add some LOVE

I broke out the sewing machine - a daring thing for me to do. 
Walmart had grey outdoor fabric that worked perfectly!  I ripped the zippers out of the old cushion covers and put them in the new ones I made.
What do you think?  I'm quite happy with my girly pillow too!  Thomas is NOT a fan of the ruffly flower (o: I LOVE it!

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  1. LOVE it - I can't believe how adorable it is! I miss doing our 'projects' together:)