Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hello Herriman!

Wow!  Can I just say, we have officially had the craziest few weeks we've EVER experienced?  Okay.  I'll just say it!  We have officially had the CRAZIEST few weeks we've EVER experienced!!!

Intrigued?.. I knew you were!  Here's the run down:

Friday Feb. 18:  Thomas lost his job
Saturday Feb. 19:  We get through shock and comfort one another
Sunday Feb. 20:  Living arrangements are arranged with family in St. George
Monday Feb. 21:  Call-in-the-reserves type search for a job begins with fervor
Tuesday Feb. 22:  Today is spent in fasting and prayer
Wednesday Feb. 23:  Got an AMAZING job!!!  Thomas' friends from USU's Tax Challenge team recruited him to work with them in the Tax department at Mona Vie in South Jordan.  Packing ensues.
Thursday Feb. 24:  Oh!  We've started packing, but where are we going to live?  We have to be out on Saturday!!!  That's okay.  We'll just drive on down to South Jordan and find us a place to live within a few hours!...Apartment secured.  Drive back to Syracuse to finish packing and cleaning.  Thank you Angie for your help packing!  You're the greatest!
Friday Feb. 25:  Take Faith out of school in Syracuse.  Women lined up to help pack and clean at show.  No problem!  I'm on top of this!  Pack and scrub house.  Divide belongings into 2 heaps:  One for storage and one for Apartment.  Done!  Scrub scrub scrub!  Relief Society Pres. comes to help and works for hours!  Done!  Men with trucks lined up to help move stuff to storage at show.  No problem!  Brother-in-law has a truck.  Other brother-in-law helps Thomas move stuff to storage shed.  Mom arrives from St. George.  (The woman will be Sainted!)  8 or 9p....the reserves arrive and in about 20 minutes everything is Done!!!  Wow!  What a relief!  We're SO grateful for the help that came - we couldn't have done it without you!
Saturday Feb. 26:  We now reside in Herriman Utah!  Hooray!  Now off to unpack (o:
Sunday Feb 27:  Church and a meeting with a humanitarian group to plan a fundraiser to raise money for Children in Ethiopia.  Done!...Anyone want to join my team and help with a HUGE dinner?  I sort of volunteered to take care of an Ethiopian dinner for hundreds of people.  Heh heh.
Monday Feb 28:  Thomas starts work!  Old insurance expires, new begins - We are SO blessed!  Melanie CRASHES in bed almost ALL day.  Girls are so sweet to come in and check on me every 10 minutes (o:
Tuesday Feb 29:  Register Faith for school and finish unpacking.


Did I miss anything? 

I can't believe how beautifully everything fell into place for us.  I've truly needed some sunshine in my rain and I am basking in it right now.

This is what we woke up to on Saturday (Moving day)


  1. Wow! I'm so glad everything worked out for you... I had no idea you were going through all of this. Good luck with all your new adventures! Keep in touch!

  2. Mel! Did you know we live in Herriman? Where is your home?

  3. You are amazing!! That sounds like one heck of a week. Isn't it wonderful that a loving Heavenly Father can help direct our lives the way he needs it to. It's going to happen regardless, but it's our attitude that will make us or break us. Good for you and your positive attitude. Love you.

  4. I am so glad you got all moved okay....we miss you guys like crazy already:)