Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Faith!

Faith the chef in her silly chef hat and her cousins (o:
I can't believe it's been only 5 years since we've had the blessing of sharing life with Faith.  It seems like she's been with us forever!  We love her SO much!  She has been such a ray of sunshine for us.  We still can't get over the hilarious things she says (o:

Faith is totally into cooking right now so we had a little chef birthday party for her.  She LOVED it!  I made aprons for all the girls to wear and take home with them.  Faith passed out the aprons when her cousins arrived and we got busy making cookies - those girls are SO cute!  There was dough everywhere and chocolate chips stuck to everyone (o:  After, we made our own pizzas and then played outside while they baked.  Thomas accidentally flipped them over in the oven somehow and the toppings and cheese stuck to the bottom of the oven so it smelled pretty burnt.  The pizzas survived and turned out great.  When the adults arrived, we had strawberry shortcake and the kids decorated their own cupcakes.  They had such a good time. 
Faith sent the girls home with pocket purses holding a little cookbook we made, a chalkboard menu, a stand for the menu and some chalk.  We also boxed their cookies up in small bakery boxes with windows to send home with them.


  1. Oh wow... seriously that is the CUTEST idea ever. You inspire me. Happy birthday Faith

  2. Great idea!!! That sounds like the kids had a blast!

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