Monday, August 23, 2010

Flaming Gorge and the high Uintas

The Farr Family hasn't really done a reunion yet, so we decided it's time to start doing this every year.
We all drove to Flaming Gorge and stayed in a cute little cabin.  We had so much fun!  We went river rafting and I got to guide the river - Aaahhh!!!
We went Spelunking and found a river in the cave!  It was really humid and we came out with dirt in our teeth.  On our way back to the cabin, we found a horse that was just wandering free.   It looked like it had been attacked by some sort of animal.  It was so gentle and enjoyed being pet.  It was so beautiful.  The girls saw their first lizard on this trip - much to Faith's delight!  It started to hail so we headed to town and bought Farr ice creams.  Yum!
When we first arrived, the family went on a beautiful hike.  The mountains are so peaceful and SO beautiful.  We hiked past Spirit lake up to a smaller lake.  While there, Daniel found the cutest little weasel and a mouse.  After closer inspection, we found that the mouse was dead and the baby weasel hoisted this mouse (which was as big as he was) over his head and started jumping up and down before darting off into a nearby hole.  On our way to the lake, we spotted a cow moose right by the trail.  We didn't get any good pictures because we were too busy trying to put distance between us without making her charge.

Faith and Rahel enjoyed the walking sticks Grammie made for them (o:
The girls enjoyed fishing with Grandpa in a kid pond.  They both caught several fish and loved every minute of it!  Rahel didn't like the part where the fish came out of the water though - her reactions were so funny!  A clever little duck stayed in the pond the whole time, watching the bobber intently.  Every time it went under, the duck would go under too.  One time it pulled the fish off the line!

Grandpa had taken the girls to the restaurant by the pond while we were rafting and there were lots of bird feeders around the outdoor tables to attract the small wildlife.  There were lots of hummingbirds around and a photographer was taking pictures of them.  Grandpa asked Faith what kind of birds the hummingbirds were and Faith replied excitedly "I know what those are!  They're baby woodpeckers!"  The photographer got a good laugh at her skills in nomenclature!

Paddle boating was fun - boy are my legs out of shape!  We had several races across the lake and enjoyed catching minnos in plastic cups afterward.
The girls found this enormous garbage can when we stopped to look at Devil's slide.

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