Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some pics of our adventures

Here are some pics of our adventures. More posts coming. Adjustment has been a little rough - this is why posts haven't been happening. We're definitely on the upside and you can expects some posts soon! Hoorah!
Ethiopia's famous coffee ceremony-so beautiful

Drying spices

At the airport

Rahel loved this music box we brought for her

Street kiosk. This is where the shopping happens.

Our little cutie!


  1. Rahel is such an angel. The kiosks there look just as they did in Ghana where we bought our water and a little food. We are so lucky to be living where we do and don't have to struggle so much. I bet the people there were a happy people despite what they have. I found that to be true in Ghana, they felt so blessed from Father in Heaven to have food on the table and that was all that mattered. I am so glad that you were able to go and get little Rahel. She is beautiful!!!

  2. Mel, what an incredible journey you have taken and will continue to take with Rahel. She really is a doll. I hope to meet her someday. Crazy, but I think she resembles you, (minus the beautiful brown skin:) We will continue to pray for you. Thanks for being such a great example. Love you.