Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good news, Bad news

Poor neglected blog...I've been on vacation.
Good news - we have been placed in our court group!!! Group N. Group M's court date is on June 30, so ours should be mid-July. Our group's travel date should be the first of August, but since Rahel is HIV positive, we have to wait an additional 2 months for her TB test. Still good news!!! We're nearing the light at the end of the tunnel. Finally!
Bad news - Ethiopia is having severe drought issues which effect everything. They depend on water for their electricity and have done without electricity about once a week in the recent past. As for now, they only get electricity a number of hours every day. Businesses are shutting down due to this, and food isn't able to be refrigerated. Gas pumps are powered by electricity.....
Here is an article on the situation in Ethiopia right now. They are in Hungry season and aide isn't as available as it should be. The UN is having to cut back rations even more now than ever. We're praying for rain for Ethiopia. Lets hope that those starving now won't suffer long. Harvest isn't for 3 more months. - sure puts things in perspective for us. We feel so picked on with the economy dive etc., but at least we have food to eat even if we don't have a job. We're not starving.

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