Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Answer to our prayers

The U.S. Embassy has finally decided to allow HIV+ children to begin their TB sputum tests before they get their birth certificates and passports. This means we travel 8-9 weeks earlier!!! We've been praying for this. Rahel will be in the first group of children to do this. AHOPE will be getting theirs done on the 26th. We will travel at the same time the "healthy" children's families travel. The only problem is that the electricity problem is getting worse and is slowing down the adoption timeline for everybody. We are praying that our case makes it through court at least before mid-august.
It has finally hit me that we will have a kid in 2 months!!! When I was pregnant with Faith, it didn't hit me until 1 or 2 months before delivery that I wasn't just pregnant. There would be a baby in the house which triggered frantic nesting and preparations. This seems exactly the same. We're trying to get the house ready to function for a bigger family, looking for a bed etc... This is really happening! Finally! Hooray!!!

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