Friday, January 18, 2013

A year in review part 2

Happy 5th Birthday Rahel!!!

Three cheers for Rahel who:
loves chili and cornbread, beans, almond milk, icecream and chocolate
will do anything to make people happy
can never wear too much jewelry
won't go anywhere until her hair is just right
is in love with clothes
gives the biggest hugs and kisses
is the best snuggle buddy
loves giving massages and compliments

Rahel's Birthday Breakfast

 Rahel and Uncle Dan at her Birthday party

Daddy's Birthday Lunch.  The girls love surprising us with special meals (o:

Faith's fairy outfit for the festival 

Rahel's outfit for the Festival

Uncle Mark

The girls camped out in our sitting room this summer.  We hit Deseret Industries for books all summer and they had a great time reading in their tent.