Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Great big baby steps

Faith is going through a really rough time transitioning to Kindergarten.  She LOVES school and loves her new friends but she seems to be having such a struggle at home.  She has a hard time keeping her emotions under control and a VERY hard time listening if you don't actually have her face in your hands.  With the heart problems I've been having, it's harder and harder on me every day that she can't pull it together.  This morning I woke up to Faith having emotional meltdown after meltdown.  I could feel my heart start racing again and it made me a little nervous.
I rolled over in bed and said a little prayer that her little heart would be able to handle the emotions she was experiencing and that I could handle her ups and downs.  I got out of bed and Faith greeted me with a huge smile and when I asked her to clean up her messes, she did it right away with no complaining!  Every time Rahel helped her, she would stop and give her a huge hug and thank her for helping!  She started getting one thing out at a time (she's never adhered to that rule) and using wonderful manners when I made them breakfast which rubbed off on Rahel beautifully.  My heart truly needed such a WONDERFUL morning.  Thank you Father for answering my prayer.

Last night we had our very first family home evening together.  We learned about the 10 lepers and the 1 who remembered to show his gratitude.  Faith told me this morning that she dreamed about the "leopards" and that she used lots of "thankfuls" which made Mommy very happy.  She told me "I wanted to try it today and it worked!"  We shared such a happy and peaceful morning together.


  1. What a sweet lesson for your entire family to experience. Starting of school is so hard on kids the first month or so. My friends here are also struggling with their kindergarteners. Be strong and know it too will pass.

  2. Hey Mel,
    She is experiencing what I call "the 5 yr old syndrome" both of my girls went through it. It was an emotional age for us too. Now that I'm onto my second girl going through it I seem to be better at diffusing the fires. Good luck.