Friday, July 31, 2009

What a mess!

No news yet from Addis Ababa on our court case. Hopefully we find out soon! We are currently putting our house back together after successfully tearing apart every room in it (except one). We now have flooring in all rooms but one, and we're ready for paint - that's my job. I hate feeling so useless during all of this. Finally something I can do.
We've been staying at Thomas' parents home while our house is torn apart and Faith asked one night if we were going to stay at Grandma's house forever. Upon being told that it was temporary and we'd sleep in our house soon, she responded "But Mom! Our house is Scusting!"
Thomas has done a beautiful job of flooring, framing, sheet rocking etc. everything in our house. He's amazing! I'll post pictures when it's all finished (:

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