Monday, October 11, 2010

Dancing with Daddy

The girls have been up to the cutest little "surprises" lately.  Often we find little love notes under our pillows or they make us surprises.  This week, they planned a picnic and dancing with daddy at the park with music and all.  We all had such a fun time eating our chocolate covered strawberries, drinking lemonade, dancing in the gazeebo and golfing all the while listening to Jazz blaring from the open doors of the car.


Rahel sleeps in a silk rag to protect her hair.....Faith got a little jealous (o;

Snow Day at the Lemon house 

Really?  Is there a reason that EVERYTHING belongs in her hair?  Her curls are like VELCRO - it's impossible to get it all out.  Looks like she had fun at the playground in the wood chips (o:

Rahel:  "Mom!  Look my slinky tutu" 

My sweet husband

I just had to sit down and give a shout out to my sweet husband.  I had mentioned that I was craving a lemon pie the other night, not expecting anything really.  Thomas had to go to the store quite late and was gone for a long time.  When he got home, he told me that he went to Walmart, Smiths, and a gas station before he found a place that carried lemon pies.  What a SWEETHEART!  I couldn't believe he had spent all that time looking for a lemon pie just for me.  Did I mention that I LOVE my husband?  He is SO thoughtful.

Faith's halloween decisions

Earlier this week, Faith came up to Thomas wearing this lovely contraption and asked him: Should I be a STOVE or a FRUIT BAT for Halloween?

Genie Locs

Mommy got brave and tried braiding yarn into Rahel's hair.... WHAT...WAS...I...THINKING??? What a PAIN!!! This took about a week total and we're only 3 rows down. They look super cute, but take WAY too long. Rahel is SUCH a good sport.